Big Value Video Library

Congratulations on your new Online Store! The below videos were designed to give you easy step-by-step directions on customizing and making changes to your website. We suggest that you take time to review all of the short videos to easily understand many of the features and functionality of your new website! If there are videos you would like for us to add, feel free to email us at!

Log Into Your Site Manager

Add a Store Logo

Create New Departments

How to Edit/Add Feature Departments

Set Up Coupon Promos

Update Product Inventory

Change/Edit Widgets

Change Store Layout

Edit Website Navigation

Change Homepage Text

Access Business Email

Add or Change Price Promotion

Submit Orders to SigmaSLC

Add Your Own Products

Shipping Charge Configuration


Enable PayPal on Your Website

Configure Sales Tax

Signup for PayPal

Change Products on Homepage

Post Products on Craigslist

Check If You Got Paid on PayPal

How to Create a Newsletter

Upload Products to Facebook